Sunday, October 28, 2007

O thou of noble-birth, meditate upon thine own tutelary deity. -- [Here the deity's name is to be mentioned by the reader.] Do not be distracted. Earnestly concentrate thy mind upon thy tutelary deity. Meditate upon him as if he were the reflection of the moon in water, apparent yet in-existent [in itself]. Meditate upon him as if he were a being with a physical body.O nobly-born, whatever fear and terror may come to thee in the Chonyid Bardo, forget not these words; and, bearing their meaning at heart, go forwards: in them lieth the vital secret of recognition.By thus being set face to face, however weak the mental faculties may be, there is no doubt of one's gaining Liberation. Yet, though so often set face to face, there are classes of men who, having created much bad karma, or having failed in observance of vows, or, their lot [for higher development] being altogether lacking, prove unable to recognize: their obscurations and evil karma from covetousness and miserliness produce awe of the sounds and radiances, and they flee. [If one be of these classes], then, on the Fourth Day, the Bhagavan Amitabha and his attendant deities, together with the light-path from the Preta-loka, proceeding from miserliness and attachment, will come to receive one simultaneously

-- spam in my inbox

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Keep Distance

- on the back of a rickshaw
seen in Bombay, Oct '07

Sunday, October 07, 2007

On the rear of a bus. In front of Rabindra Sadan

Just outside Howrah station
Buffy Jowan

Purchased on the Kharagpur local (8:58 AM from Howrah)

Update: Says at the bottom Nokol hoite sabdhan ('Beware of fakes')