Monday, February 06, 2006

Bankura sohorrey Booby asee-chey! Lach-lachi tey Rissi Kapur, dholla-dholi tey Dim-paull . Bisess akorsson! Bisess akorsson! Leddiss der jonno pissup er alada byabostha achchi!

(Translation: Bobby is coming to Bankura. Dirty dancing, Rishi Kapoor! Steamy sex, Dimple! Special atraction!!! Special attraction!!! There's a separate place for women to piss!)

(Movie promotional campaign)

-heard in Bankura


J said...


thalassa_mikra said...

You know what Teleute, I've heard a completely different version of this from my Dad, which he had heard in his youth:

Lyaglo, lyaglo, Bankurar Chhadna Tokeejey, Raj Kapoorer Songom. Nachon-kudun e Heelen aar guto-gutitey Piran.

And then there was something about bringing your own maadur, but I don't remember :).

thalassa_mikra said...

Achchha ki mushkil. I came here from Teleute's blog and immediately assumed it was her. Rimi, please raag korbe na :).

Rimi said...

j--glad you liked.

swati--that was such a gem, i promise i won't :)