Saturday, March 18, 2006

On Emergency Milk Duty.

(cardboard sticker in front of a dirty white ambassador)

--seen on the E.M.Bypass.


Kool Kinks said...

Read on the inside cover of a book on sale at Free School Street:
"Please borrow this book with the intention of its return and without the motive of stealth. I have worked very hard to borrow it with the intention of stealing it from a dear friend"

DD said...

chai ki nai ki

(name of stationary shop)
- shantiniketan

pro: - bankashyam ghosh
[jutu nichu rakhun]

(name of a shop selling eggs)

- krishnanagar

"There's no life without wife"

seen on the t-shirt of a bus conductor near karimpur college.

Rimi said...

to use an iit-anism (well, according to dd, at any rate):


Inkblot said...

the name of the blog reminded me of a shop sign in delhi which said 'child beer'.

keep up the good work.

expiring_frog said...

@inkblot: Child beer> seems harmless enough, but what about this, from a great city which I inhabited for some years?

Rimi said...

inkblot--the poet readeth such flippancy as this! we are muchly honoured :)

froggy--now that ...goddd!