Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    UCI is organising a workshop on Chocolates, Cakes, Candles (Basic, Advance & Carving), La'masa, Murals, Paper Punching, Quilling & Tea Bag Folding, Spice and pulses Frame, Flowers (Fabric, Crystal, Beads, Sequence), Hot and Cold Ceramics, M-Seal and Paper Meche (Hand Molding, Sculpture, Egyptian Statue), Parchament Craft, Needle Work (Ribbon Embroidery & Imitation Jewelry) International Gift Wrapping, Wedding-trousseau packing, Tie-n-dye, Paintings (Warli, Madhubani, Decoupage, Black Mirror, Emboss, Fabric, Pot, Lepan work, Stain Glass, Nib and Sand), Decorative Shoe making, Washable Table Mats, Rubber Moulds, Ribbon Bows, Pot Designing, Screen and Block Printing, Aluminum and Jute Net basket and more. Call 93xxx for more details.
- Announcement in Hindustan Times, Bombay

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thalassa_mikra said...

"A" workshop? O.K.